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We make sure to offer you a reliable, helpful and flexible HTC Vive controller repair service. Here at Levelup, we offer technical support when you are over the warranty period of your controller.

Our Vive controller repair support is based in Toronto. But our service expands further than that to cover each province in Canada and all the United States!  You ship the broken Vive controller to us, we fix it and deliver it back to you.

You don’t need to look for a replacement or buy an expensive new one. A new controller for the HTC Vive in Canada costs over $200 CAD including HST or in the US it costs over $140 USD. Instead of buying a new one, you can repair the one you have and save a lot of money, maybe even use the amount you saved to enrich the library of games you have.

To help you even further and save you time, we offer you the option to send us a quick video or a detailed description of your broken Vive controller. We will carefully examine what you send us and tell you beforehand the best repair solution that we can provide.

Once we examine the controller and propose a solution, you can approve and we’ll send the Vive controller back to the palm of your hands shortly after.

We offer friendly, premier repair services and our prices are still affordable and we aim to provide every repair and maintenance service from trackpad repair issues to syncing to haptic issues and to ribbon issues.

Whether you are living in Canada or the US, we are proud to provide an industry-leading level of maintenance services that follow the highest of standards to ensure that you’ll be getting back to your VR gaming in no time.

Why it


Why do the HTC Vive Controllers break down?

To understand why the Vive controllers break down or face other issues we need to understand how the HTC Vive headset and controller are built.

The Vive VR headset is developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, The headset uses "room scale " tracking technology, allowing the user to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment.

HTC managed to develop a high-end technology in a compact controller to give an optimal experience for playing freely with a design that suits both beginner and non-beginner gamers alike. Utilizing custom, motion tracked controllers or rather “emitters”, these Vive controllers emit multiple infrared signals to the array of sensors on the HTC Vive where it can then pick it up and accurately track their location in relation to the stations, allowing the device to know the location of your hands and provide real-time feedback to the device.

When you open up the Vive controller you’ll see how HTC hasn't cut any corners with the Vive's build quality. Filled to the brim with sensors and circuit boards. It's truly a huge milestone for them and how they managed to tightly pack all the components in a relatively small controller. With its multi-function trackpad, 24 advanced sensors, HD haptic feedback, and dual-stage trigger, it’s no surprise that all these components would face some sort of errors eventually from lots of gameplay. And that may also be the reason why the HTC Vive regular purchase price is so higher, who wants to spend that amount of money when you can get it repaired for cheaper.



Here’s what others have said about us:

“My controller’s trackpad wasn’t working properly, A friend recommended this place to me. I sent it to over and was really surprised to have it back much quicker than HTC Vive’s own warranty service.”

”Great customer support and highly responsive. I can finally play without the trigger being so sticky.”

“I almost broke my controller’s ribbon trying to fix it myself but luckily their tech support managed to get it working again. Would definitely recommend this place.”

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Message us below, email, or call us at 1 833 LEVEL UP (1 833 538 3587)!

Please include your address, description of the issue, and how you think it may have been caused.

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