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Experience VR without the need to purchase expensive, state-of-the-art technology, an expansive library of games, and real estate space to do so.

1) Book your time slot.
2) Fill out the waiver (here). Parent or guardian signature required for participants under the age of 18.
3) Prepare to LEVEL UP.

One Hour

Please reserve prior to arrival.

As low as $33 per player
Includes player setup and training of 10 mins.

Save up to 50% by joining the membership!


$10/month for discounted rates!

Play more for less!
$49 for 2 hours – $24.50/hour
$99 for 4 hours + 1 FREE – $19.80/hour

Book non-members for a 10% discount off the regular rate.

Credits expire if Membership is cancelled. One Membership per person.

Each session booked includes:

  • Your own designated VR station (NOTE: To play multiplayer games, each player should book their own station for one hour)
  • A 40″ monitor and leather bench seating for friends to experience the live action
  • Foam-padded mat, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and equipment wipes for added safety and hygiene
  • Access to popular software titles covering a range of genres, challenges, and multiplayer options
  • Equipment setup and training prior to the session
  • Access to VR systems that each include an HTC Vive head-mounted display, two wireless full-motion controllers, and two infrared base stations

Bookings can be completed by walk-in or by phone, but we highly recommend you book online to guarantee your timing. Full payment is required in advance of all VR sessions. All prices listed are in Canadian (CAD) dollars and exclude HST.

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